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    Strange and Familiar: Curated by Martin Parr

    Exploring Britain’s social, cultural and political identity through iconic photographs from the last century, British photographer Martin Parr presents ‘Strange and Familiar’, an exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery. Featuring some of the…

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    Ice Cream Delight

    With summer here, it’s time to stimulate our memories and recall those refreshingly creamy treats that place the season high above the rest! Showcasing a series of exquisite, expertly crafted ice…

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    Leon Jorge Paper Set Designs

    The stimulating Paper Set Designs from Spanish graphics designer and art director, Leon Jorge, offers exquisite and quirky hand-crafted props, ranging from an assortment of mixed veggies and seafood arrangements to…

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    Javier Perez @cintascotch

    Inventive graphic designer and audiovisual producer Javier Perez (aka, CintaScotch) has caught the attentive eye of numerous followers on Instagram, where the forty-seven year old Guayaquil, Ecuador born artist has been…

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    Vancouver based photographer Ian Lanterman showcases a sequence of images uniting a series of off-key moments in his collection; Conceptual Still Life. Whilst some of the shots incline towards suggesting ‘posed imagery,’ other scenes replicate the…

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    Safari in the Polar Desert

    For the latest trend in holidaying head for a desert safari… not that kind of desert, but the immense ice deserts covering the vast wilderness of the Arctic Circle. This growing…

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    National Geographic Photo Competition

    National Geographic reopen the greatest annual photography competition in the world. From the 1st September – 31st October 2014 professional photographers and amateur photography enthusiasts are invited to submit pictures that…

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    Food that Flies

    German designer Nora Luther art directed this fun and innovative recipe shoot, shot by photographer Pavel Becker. The powerful images present the raw ingredients of each meal suspended mid-air as we…