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    Designers To Know: Eton

    With a prestigious history in shirt making, Eton create traditional and innovative men’s shirting with the modern gent at the forefront of the design process. Ranging from cutaway, button down and sharp tab collars…

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    Eton: New Brand Concept

    “We have reinvented ourselves, so that you can reinvent your style everyday.” The iconic menswear brand founded in Sweden 1928, boasts traditional tailoring and mastery. Renowned for their classic shirts and respected…

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    Eton Made To Measure Event

    It is our pleasure to inform you that between Monday 8th April & Saturday 13th April, we are holding a special Eton Made to Measure Shirt Event at our Menswear stores.…

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    Brand Focus | Eton

    Founded in 1928 in the Swedish hamlet of Ganghester, the family-run Eton brand has had a long history of being proud shirt makers. Eton clothing use the best raw materials and…

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    Forever 27 – ‘Live Fast, Dress Well’

    Set up to mark the huge contributions made to popular culture, the ‘Forever 27 Club’ celebrates the lives and work of over 30 musicians and artists throughout time, who have tragically…