Stand Up To Cancer

During last month, a Hollywood inspired walk of fame; renamed ‘Stand Of Fame‘ was reproduced in Leicester Square, London in aid of the campaign Stand Up To Cancer. The display featured autographed high end shoes from a number of celebrities, Including the co-executive producer of the foundation Gwyneth Paltrow, who donated a pair of white Julian Hakes Mojito Heels. Her involvment in the charity came shortly following the loss of her father to cancer in 2002. For the launch of the recent project in October Gwyneth stated:

Stand Up to Cancer is a grassroots movement to raise funds for cancer research, to get new treatments to patients more quickly… We have the power to make cancer powerless – perhaps even end it. But it takes more research, and that requires funding. Cancer has taken some of the best among us, and it is time for us all to stand up and fight back. I’m so proud to be standing up to cancer for my dad. Please tune in and donate on October 19. Stand for the people you love in your life. Stand for these amazing advances in science and medicine. Stand Up to Cancer.”

For one day only, the display gave the public the opportunity to try on the shoes, following a silent auction to raise money for the cause. Measuring 70 feet in length, the arrow shaped design provided the foundation for the collection of shoes on show. Twiggy, Julie Walters, Anna friel and Jermaine Defoe were amongst those who donated their treasured shoes, brands including everything from Nike to Hermes.

Stand Up To Cancer is an American project which has come to the UK,  joining forces with Cancer Research UK and Channel 4. Founded in 2008, the organisation aims to raise money towards developing more effective treatments with fewer side effects to patients quickly. Funds raised from the Stand Up to Cancer campaign will go towards UK research and production of treatments, whilst 20% of funds are specifically for the USA-UK collaboration. Together, the countries aim to develop state of the art new treatments for cancer patients.  So far Stand Up To Cancer has raised £7,152,386! There’s still time to donate, with a selection of the celebrity memorabilia available to bid on.