Simone Crestani Glass Sculptures

Innovative Vicenza based artist, Simone Crestani, triggered his passion for glass sculpting at the early age of fifteen, after witnessing Venetian Murano craftsmen practicing the traditional Italian art in his hometown. Crestani’s enthusiasm for the skill has today led him into developing his own career within the trade, where he now generates a succession of decorative and conceptual sculptures.

Favoring nature and animals as his key subjects and devoted muse, the artist specifically incorporates flamework into his designs; a technique that produces a strong flame to manipulate and sculpt glass.

Simone Crestani – “I have always admired with wonder and respect the nature; I believe that it is the greatest expression of beauty, that kind of beauty that satisfies the senses, that kind of beauty that only art can approach.”

The complete works of Crestani showcase a series of elegant and fluid sculptures where the artist has conjured an ethereal quality and exquisite detail to each intoxicating design. From alluring deep-sea creatures to striking floral tea sets, every fragile piece exudes a stunning vulnerability within the glasswork.

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