Seared Pork With Roasted Grapes

Inspired by ‘creative home cooking‘, self-proclaimed foodie Bev Cooks has instantly answered our evening meal dilemmas by showing us how to make ‘meals that basically make themselves‘ . Influenced by a classic pork and apple sauce dish, this week Bev introduces her own take on this recipe with the delicious seared pork with roasted grapes – creating simple yet effective gourmet cooking.

Updating her blog with delicious recipes,  beautiful photography and comical writing, Bev guides her readers through easy step by step instructions on how to combine fresh flavours and mouth-wateringly unique ingredients for effective home cooking.

This week’s seared pork with roasted grapes makes use of everyday ingredients to fuse savoury and sweet perfectly to create the ideal dine in for two recipe. Served with a fresh green salad and crusty warm bread, why not check out the recipe below for a taste of heavenly gastronomy… | @JulesBOnline