Savage Beauty at the V&A | Alexander McQueen on Show

Following the immense success of the Metropolitan Museum’s (NYC) exhibition of McQueen’s work after his tragic death in 2010, the V&A is proud to announce it will be hosting the exhibition in March 2015. 

The exhibit received unprecedented success,  with the media urging even those who expand the fashion world to visit, “Even if you never bother with fashion shows, go to this one,” exclaimed The New Yorker. Bringing to life the mind of a legend, the exhibit explores its darkest corners and displays even the most macabre and twisted designs of the later McQueen collections. The original exhibition showcased work dating back to McQueen’s MA graduate collection in 2002, those of his stint at Givenchy and even the unfinished Autumn/Winter 2010 collection.

The Met included over 100 different looks and 70 accessories that stemmed from the catwalk to the couture designs. They were all arranged in McQueen-esque settings that echoed the spook of baronial hills and the menacing chill of a meat locker. A place were unconventional beauty arms itself against the stereotypical and mixes the Gothic with the ethereal, dream with nightmare and the outcome inspires coats sprouting horns, lobster clawed shoes and blouses studded with worms.

The V&A’s version of Savage Beauty is being re-edited by the museum’s senior fashion curator, Claire Wilcox and will featured re-designed and original set designs by long term McQueen collaborator Sam Gainsbury. It will also be a lot bigger than the Met’s version although, unfortunately for some, the majestic Kate Middleton wedding dress will not be on display. It was originally designed by Sarah Burton and it is deemed to be ‘An expression of joy that will sit oddly against McQueen’s dark world’. 

Many have seen the relocation as a call to home for the great designer. The London born Alexander grew up with a cabbie for a father and would eventually set up shop in the heart of London, the return of the collections most inspired by English and Scottish heritage are to the great delight of Martin Roth, director of the V&A who exclaimed “I am thrilled” when asked to share his opinion.

The hotly anticipated event is soon to sell out, so be sure to reserve your tickets in advance for an exclusive look at the designer’s collections and enter the mind of a legend.

Savage Beauty opens in London’s V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) in March 2015.


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