Santa gets Stylish

When you think of Santa Claus what is the first thing you think of? For me it’s Christmas, presents and the colour red. Never once when I have thought of Santa have the words fashion or style ever came to the forefront of my mind. Although now I think about it, he has been rocking the now uber trendy beard look for an eternity. Maybe he was the source?

Now that has all changed after coming across a fantastically fun feature courtesy of the guys over at Joint London who have gave Santa’s tired old wardrobe a much needed sartorial make-over. Most people in the public eye have their own stylist these days, and Santa is probably one of the first ever celebrities, so it’s only fair that he should have the on-point wardrobe to reflect this.

Look below to check out Chris Cringle decked out in some of the world’s hottest designers known from the North Pole to New York including Acne, Kenzo & Rick Owens.