Safari in the Polar Desert

For the latest trend in holidaying head for a desert safari… not that kind of desert, but the immense ice deserts covering the vast wilderness of the Arctic Circle. This growing trend in extreme tourism is due to an influx of people desiring to travel to the very ends of civilisation. The beauty and sheer vast size of the snow covered lands around the Arctic Circle are captured in a series of photographs by seasoned extreme travellers Debbie Pappyn and David De Vleeschauwer in their blog ‘Class Touriste.’

 ‘I am gazing across immense swathes of frozen Atlantic. There is something immensely calming and soothing about it.’  David Pappyn

With these breathtaking images it’s easy to see the draw of the Arctic, however camping in the icy wilderness is not for the faint hearted. With temperatures plummeting below -40 in the winter months there’s few who would brave the extreme conditions and even fewer who would be willing to do it camping.

Yet the tourism industry in the Arctic is booming, as the cities get more crowded and our days become more hectic and commercialised it’s not hard to see the draw of escapism the Arctic offers. With pure, hardly touched landscapes and the breathtaking natural phenomenon aurora borealis (Northern Lights) It’s the holiday option which is as close to taking you to another world as you can get.

The increase in the Arctic as a holiday maker’s destination sees a correlation in the increase of tourism companies cropping up catering for the influx in popular desire. Not only do tourists no longer have to brave the extreme elements and camp, the option of an Arctic luxury holiday is now widely accessible to the masses. It is even possible to enjoy a gourmet meal at the peak of the Abisko Mountain Station whilst watching the Northern Lights overhead.

It seems the trend has evolved from tourism to fashion, a winter staple this year at Jules B is the range of down padded jackets from Canada Goose, the brand has long been a clothing essential with the inhabitants of the Canadian and Alaskan Arctic depending on their warmth throughout the year. New fans of the brand are craving a slice of the arctic lifestyle, where jackets are daily armour and your survival depends on its skilled craftsmanship and quality durability keeping you warm.