Red Never Follows | 20 Years of HUGO

HUGO, the experimental, avant-garde line from the famous German fashion house Hugo Boss are celebrating 20 years of creativity and success with a fusion of symbolic art and fashion. In the spirit of creating your own path and inspired by the unpredictable journey creativity can take you on, HUGO have invited 20 artists, creatives and inventors from the all over the globe to contribute to an exhibition at the Saatchi gallery in London. A variation of artistic displays from ornate murals, interactive light projections, pneumatic environments and video installations entitled ‘Red Never Follows’, all to represent different interpretations of the creative journey…

Berlin artist Steffen Seeger, famous for creating one line drawings and his interpretation, ‘The Hugo Path’.

Designers Bart De Backer and Eyan Allen of HUGO boss have taken inspiration from iconic HUGO pieces from the last two decades and re-worked them to give a contemporary twist to what makes the label so successful. Starring their signature scarlet red and world famous tailoring, the collection comprises of 20 everyday staple items such as the women’s black pump, the classic men’s suit and the iconic biker jacket. The designers wanted to create wearable pieces that transcend from day wear to evening wear with ease whilst conveying the unconventional HUGO aesthetic.

“I was particularly interested in the recent history of menswear in general and to examine and explain what makes a piece iconic in particular. If, for example, you take the biker jacket that was made famous by Marlon Brando in The Wild One in the fifties, it is immediately recognisable, but we have updated this iconic piece by mixing wool with leather and silver zip details to come up with a fresh, contemporary look.” – Becker

The exhibition will be at the Saatchi gallery until the 1st of September, so should you be in London over the next month be sure to stop by and explore the interactive displays and installations.