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Recipe of the Week: The Muscat Rose Cocktail

A cool and crisp refreshment for summer nights, the Muscat Rose Cocktail, composed by the lifestyle blogger Anne Sage, will add a pinch of floral sweetness to your evening beverage. With a concoction of divine ingredients including rose water, Muscat juice, honey, vodka and bitters, the cocktail mixes Middle Eastern cuisine with earthly elements, to create the most indulging and innocently fruity cocktail for a feminine woman who enjoys the finer things in life.  If you are unable to find muscat juice in your local stores, a simple just-squeezed green grape juice will still do the trick!


2 oz Muscat grape juice (made using a juicer or by pressing grapes in a mesh sieve)

2 oz good quality vodka

1/2 tea spoon of raw wildflower honey

3 drops of rosewater (available at most fine food stores)

3 drops of aromatic bitters


In a cocktail pitcher, combine ingredients and stir until the honey has dissolved. Add ice, then stir until the liquids are chilled.  Finally, strain into a glass—use a tasteful coupe to finish the cocktail with an elegant touch— and serve.