Recipe Of The Week

The Mumbai Mirch Cocktail

Summer is officially here, the sun’s out, everyone’s moods are brighter and the shops are stocking their shelves with the yummiest light snacks to nibble on while chilling out with friends and family. If you’re thinking of gathering your nearest and dearest round for an afternoon of fun in the sun, why not host your very own cocktail party and try your hand at an exotic homemade Mumbai Mirch cocktail? Created by the head barman at Chai Naasto, this tipple is a spicy and zesty fresh eclectic mix of Beefeater Gin, fresh mint, spicy mango syrup and lime, passion fruit and pomegranate juices. Let it be your taste of summer and if you do try this recipe out at home, send us a photo to our Instagram and Twitter to show us your result!

6 Mint Leaves

20ML Monin Spicy Mango Syrup

20ML Lime Juice

20ML Passionfruit Juice

20ML Pomegranate Juice

40ML Gin

Crushed Ice

Begin with adding your mint to the glass/beaker.

Pour in the order listed starting with your Mango Syrup then your three juices and then your Gin.

Fill 2/3rds of the glass/beaker with crushed ice, churn well and then pour into your serving glass. Top with more crushed ice to crown.

Finish by garnishing with dried Chilli, dried Lime wheel and Mango powder. Ready to serve!