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Recipe of the Week: Black Bean & Beetroot Burger

This one’s like no other veggie burger you have ever had. Straight from the Las Iguanas recipe book, this bold blend of black beans and beetroot packs a punch. With jalapenos and coriander to give them an extra kick, this recipe is perfect for the upcoming barbecue season or as a dinner time show stopper when you are entertaining guests.

To make the burgers:

580g Black benas (cooked & drained), 1 Heaped teaspoon of cumin seeds (dried, toasted & crushed), 35g Jalapenos (finely chopped), 12g Coriander (chopped), 115g Red onion (chopped), 4 1/2 Teaspoons of cornflower, 3/4 Teaspoon of salt, 1 Heaped teaspoon of black pepper, 125g Grated beetroot

To make the mayo:

100g Mayonnaise, 1 Teaspoon tomato puree, 20g Tomato chutney, 5g Gherkin (finely grated), Pinch of salt & pepper

To create the black bean and beetroot mix, crush the beans with your hands and blend all of the ingredients together, then mould into patties (around 150g each).

Fry in hot oil for around 4 minutes until crisp and toast the brioche buns on the grill.

Layer up by adding mayo to the bottom bun, place the burger on top with a slice of emmental cheese, a slice of tomato and gem lettuce then top with burger mayo.

Serve with salad, fries or coleslaw.