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Re-emerging street style trends that work in every wardrobe

During the pandemic we’ve missed out on so many experiences, from dining out with friends to hugging loved ones and a million things in between. One thing we have especially missed is taking inspiration from street fashion.

Rivalling the likes of well renowned runways, street style – and in particular London street style – has shaped the way we dress dramatically.

As we eagerly anticipate the return of celebrity snapshots and street fashion statements, we take a look at the trends that keep coming back around – those that never stopped being on-trend as well as some top looks on the London street style leader board right now.

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Trends right now


As we graduate out of lockdowns, loungewear and neutrals, we’ve been stunned by a number of statement-making bold colours. Street fashion has always been about taking inspiration from (and setting your own) trends by looking effortlessly chic, so it is only natural that colours would make a comeback. Yellow, orange, green and purple are some of the key 2021 street style colours we are seeing right now.

Everything oversized

It’s no secret that oversized everything has been a street fashion staple for what seems like a lifetime. The concept of street style encompasses the need for practicality through stylised components and London street style is no exception. From oversized bags and coats to flared trousers and oversized shirts, the trend is here to stay.

Chunky trainers

An adaptation and somewhat of an homage to the oversized clothing trend, chunky platform trainers are out in full force. Versatile and ultra-chic, these trainers can add a cool, contemporary twist to an elegant slip dress or complement a sporty look.

Recurring trends

Tonal dressing

Street fashion is often about practicality as much as style, but tonal dressing is an effortless way to bring a thoughtful edge to everyday ensembles. Contrary to popular belief, although tonal dressing achieves a relaxed aesthetic, it does take some planning to execute. Co-ords are an exception and provide a quick and easy tonal look, which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Simple satin slip dress

Timeless, simple and fitting to almost every aesthetic, a satin slip dress can be a stand-out piece. More recently we have seen satin slips styled with casual footwear and accessories, creating a great juxtaposition between carefully curated and chic casual street style.

Traditional trouser suit

70’s flares still brush the runway every few seasons and elements of the suit can be seen in most power outfits, but only recently have we seen the return of this combination. A classic suit paired with a wide leg trouser gives this traditional look a stylish edge – a classic London street style for the working woman.

Double denim

This low maintenance look is the perfect embodiment of everything that street style stands for. Effortless and chic, this fashion statement has been controversial in its time. Although it takes skill to master the double denim ensemble, you can use accessories to accentuate the bold elements of this fun street fashion attire.

Personality in print

Some of the biggest fashion statements throughout time have been through prints, and opting for a bold printed look is sure to turn heads and give your outfit a healthy dose of character. Granted, there is a fine line between on-trend and off-trend, but mastering the print trend can enable you to demonstrate your personality in an elegantly executed ensemble.

Logo bags

If you’re looking for an investment piece, an elegant logo bag is a great choice, and this street style trend lends itself to making a statement. Pairing your favourite designer bag with both casual ensembles and elegant evening dresses is simple and effective, but effortlessly stylish.

With a catalogue of brands to browse at your leisure, you’re sure to find what it is that you’re looking for. To set your own street style, shop here.