Rag and Bone AW 14

Winona Ryder makes her comeback début with renowned fashion house Rag and Bone. Her campaign for the brand comes after an eleven year break from the spotlight, her last dabble in the fashion arena was with Marc Jacobs in 2003. A campaign that despite her controversial past with the brand sought to re-catapult her into the fashion spotlight.

The Rag and Bone AW14 campaign creates a dialogue between the past and the present. Shot in the ageing Cony Island NY, the famed attraction’s gritty and historic past echo the haunting days of old. Rag and Bone designs humour the setting, with clean cut tailored separates and sharp formal lines led by the elusive and ephemeral actions of actor Michael Pitt and starlet Winona Ryder. The campaign is also shot in timeless monochrome, enhancing the overall melancholy aesthetic.

Have a look at the first photos below…

Managing partners Markus Wainright and David Neville had this to say about the campaigns stars:

To us, Winona Ryder is a bona fide icon. One of the things that makes her so cool is that although she has this incredible career, she isn’t interested in being a movie star. For her, it’s all about the craft. She also has this beautiful timeless quality.

Marcus Wainwright, Managing Partner, rag & bone.

We established a strong relationship with Michael on our FW 13 campaign – he absolutely gets our brand and looks amazing in the clothes. He’s a very talented guy with a lot of artistic integrity.

David Neville, Managing Partner, rag & bone.

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