Radfan | Eco-Friendly Heating

Winter is coming and with it comes the dilemma of the thermostat. Mothers and daughters constantly turning it up whilst fathers fight to turn the heat and cost down. Heat from radiators rises and is often cooled by windows which allows for cold air to fill the gaps underneath, resulting in the turning up of heating and waisted energy. To combat this problem two entrepreneurs from Newcastle-upon-Tyne have created the Radfan. The Radfan is a sleek and stylish fan unit that secures to the top of any central heating radiator and simply redirects the warm air horizontally out into the room.

The Radfan is the brain child of Roland Glancy, a trained architect with extensive knowledge in the renewable sector, who’s wife was always cold. He realised that the heat from the radiator simply wasn’t getting a few feet sideways to where his wife needed it so, like any good husband, he invented a new product to stop her nagging.

The Radfan has been designed to complement the radiator and look like a natural addition. Roland wanted to create a product that improved people’s lives as well as reduce their heating bill.

Glancy believes that: “There’s nothing worse than an eco product that makes your life worse to save a bit of energy. Saving energy should be the natural outcome of great design focused on making people more comfortable at home”. This seems like a very sensible idea to us, we can’t believe it hasn’t been done before.

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