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Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Roundup

The most spectacular week out of all the events, Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week presents a host of renowned designers and fashion houses in breathtaking collections for the prestigious event. Originally renowned for voluminous gowns, pure glamour and the most innovative, intricate platforms, Haute Couture welcomes the biggest names of all kinds of industries at the front row to be first lucky people to take a glimpse at the shows. From the likes of fashion houses that present show-stopping collections at every Haute Couture event including Chanel, whom striked everyone by putting a space ship right in the middle of the runway at the last show – well this time the designer did not fail to wow us all again – as well as other renowned fashion houses such as Fendi, Jean Paul Gaultier, Viktor & Rolf, Elie Saab and Maison Margiela all struck their twist on the most exciting, intriguing and undoubtedly elegant collections that do the fashion industry only the good. As well as being the most exciting and innovative event of the season, the Paris Haute Couture week provides us with the hottest upcoming trends that we will definitely be following. Join us in our Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week roundup and prepare to get wowed.


Prompt to last season’s rocket ship  buzz, this season Karl Lagerfeld stuck to his old “above and beyond” ethos by recreating a gigantic Eiffel tower in the Grand Palais. The collection was show-stopping – paying homage to the designer’s timeless ethos, the show was magnificent, brilliant and just what you’ve expected from the iconic fashion house. Being renowned for their tweed – this collection did not fail to be adorned mostly in it. Fusing class, experimentation and the label’s retro line, this collection composed everything from exquisite tweed suits, cocooned shoulders and hats – a lot of them, to tulip silhouettes and a peep of new age – transparent heels. Whilst the whole show was a pure highlight, innovation and excite – the bride stole the show when she arrived in a tough yet extremely beautiful bridal gown that effortlessly fused cute femininity with a rocking edge making this collection a truly breathtaking moment in the fashion industry – once again.


With a slight nod to global travelling, Dior presented a collection that beautifully fused masculine and feminine elements through experimenting with cuts, fabrics and silhouettes whilst still popping some bold essentials in every Dior’s collection. Celebrating the label’s 70th anniversary, the couture show spun a host of creations, which may had their own unique concept, blended perfectly together to appeal to every kind of the modern woman. Whilst some stunning gowns and feminine prints were present, the collection focused on bringing through crisp silhouettes, suits, traveller jackets and heavy-weight fabrications. With pops of sultry red and pure nude amongst the dark and grey colour combinations, the collection undoubtedly provided a sophisticated masculine/feminine vibe effortlessly.

Jean Paul Gaultier

There are two things that don’t usually go together – a silk gown and a traditional winter wool hat, but Jean Paul Gaultier completely reinvented that theory. With a collection that fused striking gowns adorned in gold, silver metallic and even some sultry reds were present, some accessories were beyond intriguing. Not only did the designer effortlessly layer a Christmas-themed jumper over a formal maxi dress, the collection spun a totally new character and faultlessly intrigued everyone present. Each and every composition presented it’s own look, it’s own message or theme if you may, it had a subtly tough feel and a slight snow queen vibe as the models walked down in the most beautiful structures, wrappings, headpieces, fuzzy knitwear highlights and even some furry boots. Without a doubt, this collection is all about never lasting glamour, even through the colder of winter – but you must still sometimes incorporate mega-high heels, just what couture is all about.

Iris Van Herpen

A perfect fusion of fashion, haute couture and art, the Iris Van Herpen collection was truly embracing the designer’s boundary-pushing ethos. Fantastic and jaw-dropping, the collection was a beautiful mix of avant-garde, and high fashion and a little technology – as well as a 3D creation that undoubtedly took everybody’s breath away. With a series of intriguing and innovative textures, forms volumes and techniques alongside some graphic, metallic elements with a slight hint of futurism, the collection was inspired by the two essential elements – water and air which completely highlighted in the creations. The almost psychedelic line work and unique textural prints on almost transparent sheets, graphic yet fluid structures that fumed into an organic spin – all to make the wearers almost seem beyond human, in which case the Dutch designer wanted to create a message of ” moving fashion forward, rather than looking back at the history of it” and we think she did it without a fault.


One word that would perfectly describe this collection – surreal. It was a beautiful, quite a feminine message within the Fendi’s A/W 17 range. Nevertheless daring, the collection was still subtle – in an intriguing way, it’s feminine lustre with striking colour combinations and floral patterns all took a spin on a traditional dramatic glamour. Enduring, the collection spun a host of exotic gowns, dresses, accessories and silhouettes – never mind the innovative footwear, the collection took the relaxed look – not in a laid-back way – but in a way where there is no sharpness present, only pure flow and natural movement of garments and the structured silhouettes that all features some sort of a fuzzy flower garden vibe, however Karl Legerfled did not fail to create each look different, a dash of it’s own to represent a truly breathtaking approach with expert sculpting and an eccentric vibe.

Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf took a slightly playful, whimsical approach to infuse into their couture collection. Placing giant plush heads on the models, the collection spun a host of frills, flowers, puffy coats, flower-patterned skirts and patchwork jeans. Like never seen before, the designer incorporated everyday pieces each and every one of us worn at least once – such as the modern puffa jackets and intriguing jeans – just created into a more couture-y way. Hovering between fantasy and reality, this collection spoke a truly conception vibe through being bold and beautiful and only to reflect on the surreal reality in a playful way, the collection was truly fascinating and “you either love it or hate” line and we absolutely love it!