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New York Fashion Week SS18

Alexander Wang Spring 2018 collection

The ‘Wang gang’ hit the runway last week with a whole new take on proportions; wether its undersized, cropped tailored jackets or falling-off-the-shoulder bombers with super-sized sleeves, Wang provided it all. Leather and crystal-encrusted chainmail also ran throughout the collection: take wrap and tie leather dresses and shirts and diamonte chainmail trousers paired with textured satin handbags. This is a collection that will make you re-think suits and its your one stop shop for mismatched layering.

Pair a bag-gal leather corset and khaki jacket with cream lace and it screams power. Alexander Wang keeps with the feminine vibes but adds that touch of fierce to his Spring 2018 collection.

Buzz cuts are swarming the modelling industry as women like Cara Delevingne and Zoe Kravits opt for militant hair-do’s. The bleached buzz cut also featured on Alexander Wangs catwalk; paired with a leather wrap jacket, cropped trench coat and diamante/jean contrast trousers that can take you straight from the catwalk sidelines to the #wangfest afterparty.

Now to get us all rethinking what it means to wear a suit. Think chunky gold zips, zip-lined collars and slouchy trousers. Wang adds an edgy, street-style swing to your 8-5 workday look.

Now you’ve got the festival jacket wrap round look- without the jacket. Prosthetic sleeve waistbands make this ‘ready-to-wear’ collection resemble your spring layering wardrobe, team this with a barely-there disco crop and you’re good to go! Wang targets opposite ends of the spectrum with shoes; either minimal strappy or clear heals or chunky boots.

And it’s all about that Spring layering- with a twist. Wang morphs the bodice and shirt, leather skirt and suit trousers, wool jumper and shirt cami to create the metaphor of the transition season from winter to summer.

Victoria Beckham Spring 2018 collection

Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2018 collection stayed true to her signature minimalist and streamline silhouettes whilst playing on sherbet and ice cream colours. The mum of four has said that her collection was influenced by her six year-old daughter Harper, hence all the pastel pink and princess inspired ruffles and sparkly stilettos.

Back to the 80’s with oversized suits and shoulder pads, think contortionist shapes along with saccharine mints, dusty pinks and skinny belts with post make-over Pretty Woman style skirts. Once again, its layers on layers on layers getting you prepared for Spring.

Clean lines and pastel mesh: Victoria adds a sugary twist to the clean shirt and pencil skirt look with master layering of fresh mesh on an oversized shirt. Victoria works with play-doh colours, Frozen themes and sugar sweet pastels all the while making pink perfectly okay for a woman to wear.
Rag and Bone Spring 2018 collection
In ode to their global market, Rag and Bone opted out of the one-season clothes in trade of pieces for all kinds of weather (suitable for the weather turbulence of a British spring time!). The collection brings you British school boy tailoring, futuresque silver bags and sporty vibes with flashes of neon. The avoidance of any specific season editorial allows a more playful approach to this seasons collection with combinations of floral, suit classics, militaresque street-style and sporty signatures.
Rag and Bone jump on the space-theme bandwagon with this cracked velvet shoulder bag and astronaut-white heeled boots. The surprising emphasis of the hot pink waist band and light, summer florals is just one of the explorative combinations seen in Rag and Bones collection.
The pulsating pink suit certainly stole the show. Rag and Bones whole new swing to this seasons shocking alteration of our perception of the suit is bold and playful. Teamed with a sports stripe, Rag and Bone combine sartorial opposites: smart and sporty- and it works.
Rag and Bone are another brand that are helping to blur the lines between gender specific tailoring. With womens suits they opt for the over-sized, ‘borrowed from a man’ look, whilst mens suits have become far more fitted, meeting round about in the middle with almost gender neutral designs.
Rag and Bone also manage to accommodate for opposite ends of the style spectrum; he pairs hillbilly flannel shorts with street-camo.  This playful pattern combination is not for the faint hearted as it makes a bold departure for Rag and Bones SS18 collection.
Vivienne Westwood Spring 2018 collection 
As anticipated, Vivienne Westwood’s circus themed catwalk was a spectacle. The collection was inspired by a pack of cards, however, the avant-garde designer added a twist; each suit represents something new: ‘Love, Free World and IOU’ (Hearts) , ‘Greed, Rot$ Propoaganda’ (Diamonds) , War (Clubs) and ‘Giants like Shell and Mosanto who rape the Earth’ (Spades). The models included ballet dancers, acrobats and contemporary dance artists, each were decorated with makeup of one of the four card suits. Set  at Seymour Leisure Centre in Marylebone with a the colourful background of a children’s playground, we were ready for colour, fun and something a little crazy.
As a further bid to encourage a rise in sustainability, Westwood dressed her acrobats/models in fishnets packed with recyclable waste. This acted as a reminder of our responsibility to look after our earth by recycling and being sustainable with sources. Bottles and cans were stuffed into the fishnets of both men and women, this blurring of gender barriers also speaks loudly for recent societal movements towards equality. Barely there bodysuits were also used to indicate making good use of what we have even when supplies are limited.
Sharp edges and thick overturned militant style suits are Vivienne Westwood’s take on the suit trend.
Blurring of gender barriers. This runway has no time for gender distinction, both women and men wear button-up dresses, platform heels and satin. These bold statements make Vivienne’s message loud and clear: society needs a reboot.
Themes of love and a free world ripple through the collection making it as true to Vivienne Westwood’s iconicity as it can be.
With New York Fashion Week underway, lets have a look at what all your favourite celebs have been wearing…
As cat walk season descends on all of us fashion fanatics, our eyes are peeled to see what the celebs have been wearing to all our favourite designers shows.

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