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Murdock London

Murdock London is a grooming specialist, focused on catering for stylish gentlemen who take pride in their appearance. These products are created from premium ingredients, each product has its own benefits, all with the aim of maintaining healthy hair or skin and ultimately increasing men’s confidence.

Murdock London was first and foremost a barbershop and provider of men’s accessories that was founded by Brendan Murdock in 2006.

The first barbershop was born in Shoreditch and it seemed that a luxurious grooming experience was wanted by many, as the barbershop was a great success. Following this success, six more Murdock London barbershops were set up in different areas in London. In response to requests from the clients and in collaboration with the skilled barbers, collections of skincare, grooming and cologne were created.

This brand’s products are essential for a bearded gentleman. The Murdock London website will provide you with the latest styles and inform you of the benefits of their products. Well-groomed or not, these products and expert tips will help you look after your skin and hair.


Murdock London specialise in hair care and styling products in addition to beard and moustache grooming products. The brand have utilised their clients opinions in order to create the best products possible. The Marvelous Beard Box includes the essentials to help men perfectly maintain their facial hair, including an expert guide with top tips. The Sea Salt Spray provides men with the option to create natural waves. As a result of listening to clients, this premium quality formula has surpassed the traditional salt sprays by avoiding making the hair sticky or greasy.


The originality of the colognes derive from the carefully sourced, raw ingredients, that come together to create a beautifully unique aroma. The cologne collection has a variety of essences, including Patchouli described as a spicy, sensuous and mysterious scent and Black Tea described as a masculine blend of spices and leather.


The skincare products are produced from natural ingredients and vitamins that are suitable for different skin types and common concerns such as signs of ageing, dryness and blemishes. The Daily Skincare Regime includes an exfoliating scrub, a cleansing wash and a hydrating moisturiser. These products will leave your skin feeling replenished and rejuvenated.

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