MTV VMA’s 2014

The MTV Video Music Awards cause a stir every year and 2014 has proved no exception.  Outrageous outfits, risque dance moves and even feminist propaganda made up this year’s controversial awards ceremony.

Beyonce used the event to demonstrate, in a less than subtle manner, that her and Jay are still playing happy families, whilst Katy Perry and rapper Riff Raff recreated one of the most widely regarded, hideous outfits in the history of pop culture.

I think we all collectively agree that Britney and Justin’s matching head to toe denim look of 2001 was not the most stylish of sartorial ensembles. More than this, I doubt anyone predicted anything similar occuring again, bar at a fancy dress party in your late teens, perhaps. However thanks to the ever unpredictable whirlwind of wit that is Katy Perry, we can once again recoil in horror at a fresh example of denim overload. Thanks K-Pez.

Alongside these controversial moments, a strong ‘girl power’ vibe permeated the whole event. The ceremony was distinctly dominated by women, even the host, Orange Is the New Black star Uzo Aduba pointed out that this year’s ceremony was similar to a women’s prison in that it consisted of “a bunch of badass women all crammed in the same place trying to get one over on each other.”

She certainly wasn’t wrong, Lorde broke a record by becoming the first woman to win the award for Best Rock Video, Miley won the Video of the Year award for Wrecking Ball and Beyonce did a show-stopping Tour-de-Force medley to end the night, in which text from feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s sampled TEDx speech was projected on the stage’s backdrop. Despite pole dancing at one point, there was a clear feminist theme to Bey’s performance.

Miley didn’t allow herself to be outshone, and made her own bold political statement by taking a homeless teen to the ceremony as her plus one, and as if this wasn’t enough, sending him to accept her Video of the Year award on her behalf. In his acceptance speech he describes the situation regarding the growing number of homeless and runaway teens in the U.S. while a tearful Cyrus looked on.

And of course, emblematic of 2014 so far this year, there were a lot of butts. Revealing outfits were brandished all around whilst Nicki Minaj culminated the butt appreciating theme with a performance of her new single, Anaconda which featured a multitude of twerking dancers in skin tight snake suits.