Moscow Mule Mocktail

As we look forward to spring on the horizon, it is the time of year that we typically reflect back on the many grandiose, jubilant cocktails that we consumed during the celebratory holidays and suddenly become aware of the pounds that have undoubtedly appeared as a result of the joyful New Year period. Feeling a pang of guilt? For a quick and easy mocktail that is perfect for house guests also not wishing to break the ‘dry january’ pledge, the beautifully crisp tasting and easy-to-make Moscow Mocktail with mint is ideal for making into decorative refreshments for those who are fans of ginger beer. Found on The Merry Thought.


1/2 cup of Ginger Beer

3 tbsp of Citrus Lime Juice

3 tbsp of Club Soda


(Quantity differs depending on desired servings)

Mix ingredients in chosen mug filled to 3/4 with crushed ice.

Stir all together.

Add lime wedge for added flavour. Enjoy!