Moscow Fashion Week

Since originally founded in 2001 by Alexander Shumsky, Moscow Fashion Week has come on leaps and bounds. The fashion industry in Russia is forever growing and the demand for luxury goods is increasing, ‘Russians reportedly spend between €3 billion and €5 billion annually on luxury clothes and accessories.’  The extravagant headwear and the weird and wonderful clothing of this years show has caught the attention of the fashion world. In particular the Russian designer  Olga Vilshenko who now boasts her seventh season at Moscow Fashion Week 2013, was dubbed as one of the hottest shows.  Taking inspiration from American ’70s Bohemia whilst still remaining close to her Russian roots, Olga Vilshenko uses free flowing and feminine fabrics, adding elegance to her Fall 13-14 collection.

Another designer that caught the attention of the Jules B office is Ria Keburia, who describes herself as a Georgian fashion designer based in Paris. Influenced by the Japanese culture the designer presented sharp, clean silhouettes with a main focus on headpieces, the show stopper head wear added innovation and vibrant hues to the mainly black outfits.

Here is a selection of our favourite headpieces from Moscow Fashion Week 2013.

It’s safe to say Moscow Fashion Week is one to watch.