Minty Shamrock Shake Smoothies

This refreshing Shamrock shake from Love and Lemons is a beautifully smooth and creamy alternative to milkshakes. Packed with vitamins and vital nutrients to restore and invigorate your body and mind, the thirst-quenching smoothie is a healthy dose of one of your five-a-day. The zesty flavouring comes from the helpings of sweet mint which soften any slightly bitter taste from spinach whilst the buttery smooth textures come from the banana and delicious thick almond milk. Enjoy naturally green Minty Shamrock Shake Smoothie as an after-workout treat or revitalising detox as part of a balanced lifestyle.


(Alter measurements to your desired taste)

2 Frozen banana

Cup of creamy almond milk (or cashew milk for more of an earthy aroma)

A few tablespoon almond butter

A fistful of crispy spinach

Pour ingredients into a blender and juice the mixture until you achieve a luscious milky texture, add additional ingredients to personal preference.