Milan Fashion Week 2013

Following commercial New York and edgy London is the lavish Milan Fashion Week. Internationally recognised for showing some of the most high-end luxury designers, Milan Fashion Week plays host to big labels like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. The shows at Milan are sophisticated, the designs are bespoke and beautifully thought out and the atmosphere is thoroughly unique. What we love most about fashion month is how each city has its own personality. New York is the mother, wearable, coveted and effortlessly sophisticated; London is the rebel cousin who is fashion-forward and loves quirky new designers, while Milan is the eldest sister, showing her new luxurious wardrobe with pride and elegance. Of course we can’t forget Paris, the Queen of couture and grace, who revels in luxury and class. As usual, we’ve been avidly watching and discussing our favourite shows of the week and wondering how we can get a front row invitation into all the shows next season…


Established in Italy in the 1953, Missoni has always been a family-run and owned company. Currently under the direction of Angela Missoni, the brand has continued to grow in strength and vision every year. Specialising in knitwear and textiles, Missoni as a brand is internationally renowned for its printed knitwear and unique designs. Choosing to follow its own vision rather than trends or fads, the house of Missoni always presents a strong collection. For the AW13 collection, Missoni showed a variety of separate knitted tops and dresses as well as sending out silk, mink and calf-hair. The vision for the show was a clash of the 90s and the relaxed: with the fluoro colours suggesting the collection was designed for a rave while languid shapes hinted at a more relaxed vision. We loved the slouchy silk separates which reminded us of long robes and relaxed pyjama bottoms just as much as the neon trousers and see-through knitwear. The combination of fabrics gave the collection more variation, the silk separates worked well for trousers and robes, the clingy knitwear was perfect for the 90s style rave dresses and the hint of velvet was ideal for adding that luxurious edge. The models had smoky eyes and slicked back hair, a look which will be recognised by anyone who lived in the 90s. You can shop the M Missoni SS13 collection online at JulesB now!


Last week we saw Moschino present the Cheap and Chic diffusion line in London and this week they showed their mainline collection in Milan. While the Cheap and Chic girl was the Punk Princess of London, the Italian Moschino woman was, well she was a bit of everything. The first twenty five or so looks were a clash of highland-fling, equestrian, Western Amish and school girl inspired outfits leaving the audience slightly confused by the time the signature monochrome Moschino arrived. Emblazoned with Moschino motifs and accessorised with tartan and gilding, the collection may not have been completely coherent but it was interesting to watch. However, if we had the choice we think we’d rather be the London Princess Punk than the Italian Highland Equestrian Woman. You can shop the Cheap and Chic sale at JulesB Online now.


Donatella called it “Vunk!” A collaboration of Versace and Punk, the AW13 collection from Versace was completely over the top, the Vunk Woman was an embodiment of contradictions: vinyl and cashmere, leather and fur, she was fearless. If anyone else had done it, we’d have called the combination of black, white and neon yellow vinyl tacky, but because it was Donatella and because it was accented with fur we’re on board with it. The collection echoed a few notes from the SS13 Couture Collection which was shown a few weeks ago in Paris (you can read our blog post about it here), the Versace woman is constantly coherent in each show, the audience knows exactly who she is and so does she. Confidence is essential for any woman wearing Versace and Donatella embraces this. The collection was accessorised with pain which was slightly unnatural; nails and spikes stuck out through crepe gowns and adorned models as jewellery, posing a sharp juxtaposition with some of the elegant evening wear. However, back in the punk era this is what they did. Punk has been reborn into the house of Versace, and while we may not be brave enough to try some of the more extreme looks from the collection, we’re happy to accept a new trend. Liz Hurley, if you still have that safety-pin dress it’s time to bring it out again. The SS13 Versace collection is available online at JulesB, so you can start channelling your inner Versace woman now.

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