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Men’s Paris Fashion Week SS18

Paris is one of the most fashionable capitals in the world and is known to hold the most exquisite shows each season. Many designers and fashion houses including Hermes, Comme des Garcons, Louis Vuitton and our beloved British designer, Paul Smith displayed show stopping menswear collections for the upcoming season. With many highlights of colourways, patterns and prints to showcase this season’s hottest emerging trends for the gents, Paris Fashion Week is one of the most talked-about fashion event of the year. With entries from avant-garde designers through to more traditional men’s tailors, this season’s fashion week was boasting with many innovative and eye-grabbing collections you simply must check out. Whilst many designers referred to traditional approaches to showcase their renowned aesthetics, some have taken the risky routes without a fault. With a selection of sportswear and urban trends that seem to always dominate the catwalk, retro and vintage references that highlight on catwalks each season and summery ensembles to embrace the hot season, through to punk-inspired collections for those of rebellious characters and the most exquisite accessory highlights that elevate a true statement vibe, this fashion week is full of pleasant surprises that we simply cannot stop talking about. Join our men’s Paris Fashion Week roundup and you might just discover new trends to adorn your look in this season.


Ending the last night of the Paris Fashion Week, Kenzo dedicated the collection to two muses with an entirely Asian model line-up that celebrated the brand’s heritage effortlessly. With a message supporting diversity and cultural celebration, the collection was not only outstanding, but also showcased a truly poetic and conceptual vibe. Nature-inspired prints and cocooned, urban silhouettes effortlessly blended with the environmental theme through an eclectic selection of outerwear staples, sporty separates and boldly-printed trousers. Injected with tropical, graphic and playful prints, the collection consisted of a colour-on-colour mix and fearlessly combined attractive tones for an intriguing finish within the range of shirts, trousers, jumpers and outerwear pieces. Fusing feminine and masculine elements to elevate a diverse look and suitable-for-all vibe, the collection was truly inspiring as well as successfully balanced to represent the designer’s infamous talent. To dress a man in colourful, whimsical florals and fuzzy jumpers is a risky action Kenzo was willing to take and represented it in a whole different light which undoubtedly was the highlight of the week.

Comme des Garcons Homme Plus

The Commes des Garcons Homme Plus collection was the one for the party lovers. With a glistening range of sequin separates, animal prints and oversized, draped jackets, this collection spoke a true playful approach. Known for her show stopping designs, Rei Kawakubo presented a collection of whimsical disco and thanks to it’s set at the Salle Wagram – a historic ballroom first opened in the 1865, the show was packed with cheering audience and the most youthful, happy atmosphere. The collection emphasised a joyful vibe to welcome the summer with it’s selection of shorts, floral motifs, patchwork and bold references that were all completed with a slight hint of sportswear which was showcased through a burst of Nike Air Max trainers. The collection let Rei Kawakubo truly prove she is still at the top of her game and will keep us intrigued many more seasons to come.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith stepped into the season with a bold, youthful and a slightly whimsical collection at the Paris Fashion Week. With a striking selection of “Hawaiian” shirts that dominated the playful collection, as well as keeping to the designer’s tailored aesthetic, these separates without a doubt combined sharp features alongside bold references to take the traditional suit to a whole new level. As seen at the collection, many wide-cut trousers were dominated by relaxed jackets and of course what the label is renowned for – shirts, and not to mention the ability of effortlessly bringing the espadrilles back, this collection is truly outstanding and show stopping with a slight hint of the timeless British sartorial look. As many bold and colourful looks were present, Paul Smith allowed for classic colourways and prints to pop in at the opening of the show, but then again, finished with a bang. With a range of classic pastels and greys, more prints were present at the show, traditional palettes were injected with vibrant colours and prints for that slight pop of intrigue, whilst many outerwear pieces were fully adorned in moonlight-inspired prints and tropical references. Truly outstanding, Paul Smith, as expected, did not fail to impress us all.


Whilst monochrome references were set to dominate the show, Balmain etched to canonical chapters of French fashion, and from what we seen, beading is the designer’s leading strength. Without a doubt, the most beautiful and intricate collection of the week, the fusion of ultra charming and sharp tailoring including suits, jackets, slim trousers as well as some more relaxed options that popped through t-shirts worn under the sleek covers, the collection was truly charming, handsome and well-edited and whilst looking uncomplicated and simply chic, up-close every garment was a true work of art – and thanks to designer’s amazing talent, the collection did not fail to impress us, the audience and the media. Clean cut silhouettes, exquisite embroidery and a geometrical, structured hint of prints injecting through unique shapes, draped forms and exquisitely layered looks, the collection did not fail to give a very glamorous vibe that effortlessly embraced the brand’s couture appeal. Undoubtedly, the collection was all about the timeless black and white fusion, with some pops of bold colours to liven it up – it was truly outstanding and just what we’ve expected from Balmain.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton stepped into the season in a truly summery vibe. Peaks of jazzy sunglasses, tight-fitting leather vests, the you either love it or hate it socks and sandals combo and the timeless, beloved LV bags, to just name a few, were all seen striking through the collection to embrace the hot weather. With a fusion of tropical prints and bold pops of energising colours, this collection was a mix of urban, Hawaiian, laid-back glamour with an addition of relaxed tailoring and oversized outerwear staples. As seen on many shows, the Hawaii shirt was dominant in the collection and was tucked into a selection of trousers to set an innovative theme. Whilst some separates were kept clean and uncomplicated, many were featuring intricate and delicate detailing to effortlessly match with colour-blocked pieces and of course, an eclectic use of cool accessories to give the ensembles a spark. Nevertheless, each look was complete with a rucksack-style Louis Vuitton bag that maintained its traditionally renowned look to give a truly authentic vibe. As expected, the collection was striking us all once again.

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