Marc Jacobs Makeover

Early last year the Marc Jacobs store in Soho underwent a grungy makeover thanks to the elusive graffiti artist ‘Kidult‘ who sprayed “art” in large, messy pink letters across the stores pristine shop front. Other victims of the obligatory Kidult revamp include the store fronts of both Hermes and Celine.

Taking the graffiti attack with a pinch of salt, Marc Jacobs decided to show his power and prestige in the world of fashion by turning the graffiti in to his own form of fashion. He proceeded to print images of the large graffiti scrawl on signed pink t-shirts and sell them for the healthy sum of $686 in his New York store on Mercer Street.

This year, it was the Paris store which fell prey to lick of Kidult spray paint. Kidult was obviously unimpressed with Marc Jacobs’ witty rebuff and quick thinking which led to a huge amount of t-shirt sales in New York so the number “686” was sprayed across the Parisian store front. The defacement was followed by a tweet from the grafitti artist: “680? 689?…686?! How much are you going to sell this for? #kidultarmyparis #thisisnotart.”

Marc Jacobs responded to this second attack by tweeting “Come by Paris Collection for the opening night installation of the new @therealkidult. We proudly support the arts.” and later posted photos of the newest addition to his graffiti t-shirts donning a photo of the Parisian store’s new look.

There are suspicions surrounding the scandal, perhaps Marc Jacobs and the anonymous graffiti artist are working together to create a hype around the brand. But planned or not, Marc Jacobs’ humorous responses to the attacks are commendable and we await the arrival of the next Graffiti inspired t-shirt to add the collection.