Makoto Azuma’s Iced Flowers

Showcasing the wonders of Spring, the self-described botanic artist Makoto Azuma has presented his recent works observing the altered life of flowers trapped within inorganic spaces. Placing bouquets under varying environments shows a unique representation of how the elements can affect nature over time, with his latest striking exhibition being labeled ‘Iced Flowers.’

Born in 1976, the artist opened a “haute couture” flower shop in 2002 offering customers specialized bouquets under a ‘design-on-demand’ order process. Jardins des Fleurs was located in Ginza, Tokyo, and took Makoto on to investigate the expressive possibilities behind flowers. Here he invented the theme “botanical sculpture.” Various exhibitions presenting his exploration behind this genre launched further works and travels for the artist, with his most recent projects focusing on flowers in mundane situations that ‘don’t naturally occur in the realms on nature.’

The process behind Iced Flowers involved the artist and his team freezing sixteen large bouquets made from a dynamic composition of vibrant flowers inside vast ice blocks. This demonstration presented the results of his efforts as though they were exquisite pillars of colour and stunning floral formations.

Regrettably, the artwork, whilst striking to behold, can only be a temporary display owing to the fleeting life-span of materials involved. However, images from the installation have been taken to preserve and document the splendor of the botanic artist, Azuma, and his unique expression of nature in this enticing way.

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