Leon Jorge Paper Set Designs

The stimulating Paper Set Designs from Spanish graphics designer and art director, Leon Jorge, offers exquisite and quirky hand-crafted props, ranging from an assortment of mixed veggies and seafood arrangements to an intricate flower display.

Only when we take a closer look can we identify that the inventive handiwork has been skillfully assembled solely from paper…

Based in Barcelona, Jorge specializes in distinct printed and digital media, with his key focuses residing with typography, editorial and web design. His innovative talents enabled him to take on a task set by Los Mercados de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, who desired to experiment with an artist in order to reach out to a younger audience.

Working as ‘art director’ alongside María Laura Benavente at Club de Esgrima, Leon Jorge developed a playful series of natural, hands-on techniques applied in various formats and produced the inspirational Paper Set Designs.

The Creators – “In this way, we combined them into various still life photographs that later were applied to a variety of different formats

The full series of this project and other works by the artist can be found on Jorge’s website:

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