Julian Hakes

‘ One late summer night I was in the studio, thinking about the design of shoes in general. I wondered why there was the need for a foot plate in high heels.. it is clear to see that the main force goes to the heel and ball, even more so in a heeled shoe.’ Julian Hakes

The winner of DrapersBest Footwear Of The Year Award 2012Julian Hakes has transformed the generic structure of a heeled shoe. Specialising in architecture, Hakes’ concept and development focused on the evolution of shoe making; experimenting with balance, strength and incorporating new materials to produce something innovative and forward thinking.

After 2 Years of development and refining the initial concept, Hakes created a shoe with a sculptured curve, exuding elegance in a lightweight, comfortable design. The name ‘Mojito’ given to the debut collection from Hakes stems from the shape of  lime peel found in the popular cocktail.

With past projects and designs involving creating bridges and buildings, the shoe reflects the knowledge and thought process expected of  an architect. Unique and minimal, the ‘Mojito‘ works geometrically; a single wrapped curve starting under the ball of the foot, sweeping over the bridge, flowing down to form the heel and ending by twisting back on itself providing support for the heel. The heel prototype was showcased during London Fashion Week and Pure London at Somerset House earlier this year.

The Mojito collection comes in an array of colours, everything from subtle black to vibrant fuscia; all available here at Jules B.

These heels are like nothing seen before, with support and endorsement from top models along with featuring in world renowned magazines Elle and Vogue, these unique shoes are a must for any fashion forward individual. Generously priced from £154.99 for a ground breaking innovation is a small price to pay for a wearable, collectable sculpture.

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