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Jules B Time Capsule – Key Fashion Trends of the 2010s

Which styles made our 2010s fashion time capsule?

Just like each decade before, the 2010s brought us key fashion trends that will go on to define the era. At Jules B, we wanted to take a look at the trends that epitomise the decade, who influenced them and how they will be remembered. We’ve created a 2010s time capsule of key fashion trends and showcased the looks in our Jules B – Time Capsule 2010s video.

This was the decade that saw men embracing the lumberjack aesthetic, women embracing the free-thinking boho vibes and both genders showcasing their best gym wear as sports luxe emerged on the catwalks. In the age of the digital influencer, social media became our source of ‘real’ fashion, with haute couture now only a scroll away when we need a dash of sartorial inspiration.

The 2010s brought us new style icons, with reality TV stars taking over fashion week and a new dynasty of ‘It’ girls ushering in a new decade of trends. Will we look back at the 2010s in 50 years and find ourselves nostalgic for the days of athleisure wear and lumbersexual facial hair? Or will the trends of this decade be relegated to the back of our wardrobes?

Step into our 2010s Time Capsule to see if your favourite
trends made the cut.

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