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Jules B at the MICAM, Milan

Milan; a city bursting with culture- art, music, architecture, and most importantly, fashion. Last week, Milan hosted the Micam Shoe Event which was attended by roughly 31,000 people, including our buyers here at Jules B. Coordinated by one of the worlds largest event organizers, Fiera Milano, the stylish event aims to bring medium to high-end footwear and leather brands together for people to potentially bring to their businesses.

The Micam is held twice a year in the stunning fashion capital; during March to view upcoming autumn/winter collections, and in September for the following years spring/summer collections. September’s exhibit proved to be extremely successful, with our buyers learning more about shoe brands we already stock and also discovering new and exciting brands for the future.

Julian Hakes, owner of the eponymous shoe brand, was present at the event, exhibiting his futuristic and ultra-modern products. In an interview with at the March Micam earlier this year, Hakes describes how the idea for his visionary and cutting-edge design came about. Professionally trained as an architect, Hakes used his knowledge of bridge design, his specialty, and created pieces that are less like footwear and more like works of art. With most pieces missing the bottom sole of the shoe, Hakes designs are amazing from both a design and fashion perspective.

Another fantastic brand we took note of was Tendenzza. It was their sandals that were particularly fascinating, featuring gladiator styles and often embellished with stones and beads- a perfect option for a glamorous summer shoe. We found that these shoes could be worn in the daytime at the beach for relaxed glamour, but also in the evening to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit.

A brand that graced Micam and which we adore at Jules B was United Nude. In a similar way to Julian Hakes designs, these shoes push the boundaries of design, resulting in breathtaking final pieces, bursting with colour and featuring an array of geometric shapes. Fusing architecture with contemporary design United Nude create a new footwear aesthetic that’s really exciting for coming seasons. We love these peep-toe sandals with a transparent structured block heel.

This year at Micam, we not only saw some meticulously crafted and beautifully designed shoes, we also witnessed ground-breaking works of art, a step in the right direction for the fashion world.