Josie’s Dragonfly Trust:Bag Amnesty

“The aim of Josie’s Dragonfly Trust is to brighten the lives of children and young people living with cancer and to provide a moment of happiness when a moment is all they have.”

On Thursday 28th November this amazing charity is hosting a night at Newcastle’s House of Smith between 6.30-10.00pm, called Handbags in the City. Auctioning off designer handbags that have been donated by famous faces such as Graham Norton and Joanna Lumley, and celebrating the stories behind them, the super glamorous night is set to be a fantastic opportunity to raise lots of money for children and young people living with cancer. At Jules B we have found Josie’s bravery and positive attitude during her illness a total inspiration and want you to help us raise some funds and awareness for such a fantastic charity

 At 14 Josie was winning medals for swimming at an international level, as a bright young sportswoman Josie was the least expected girl to become so ill. In August 2004, Josie was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukaemia. After fighting the disease with exceptional strength and positivity, undergoing chemotherapy, a worrying heart operation and two unsuccessful transplants Josie made the decision to stop treatment. She said “I’m not afraid of dying. I’d rather spend quality time with my family.”

Thankfully this amazing attitude was acknowledged and Josie was nominated by her nurses for a brave heart award. When a photograph was printed in The Journal with the headline: Amazing, vibrant and funny…. the teenager who has stopped fighting cancer to enjoy the rest of her life, Josie saw the opportunity to raise awareness of Leukaemia and the possibility of fundraising. After a TV appearance, Josie’s Leukaemia Fund raised £3,000 worth of hobbies and crafts, DVDs, CDs, pictures and equipment to the Teenage Cancer Unit at the RVI. At Christmas and just four days before she died, although very ill, Josie was proud to personally present a cheque for £10,000 to the Children’s Cancer Research Department at the RVI Newcastle.

Josie wanted to do more and, inspired by The Dragonfly Tale fable, that helped her younger siblings to understand about dying, created dragonfly pendants  to help children whose treatment was no longer curative. A symbol of Strength, Courage and Happiness, her parents say it is the perfect way to ‘sum up the way Josie got herself, and her family, through her very difficult treatment.’

Today Josie’s Dragonfly Trust helps thousands of young people who are living with cancer and as this year the trust is available to ALL cancer hospital specialist Teenage Units across the UK, they need your help too.  “Your support makes a very direct and positive difference at an incredibly difficult point in their lives.”

So inspired by the trust’s ‘Handbags in the city’ event, we invite you to join Jules B’s bag amnesty. Trade in your old designer bag in aid of the charity, at one of our stores and receive 20% off a new bag from our autumn/winter ’13 collection.

 JulesB | @JulesB