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Jack Moran

Attention all shoe fanatics! New brand on the block Jack Moran is creating some pretty fancy footwear that we think you might want to get excited about for the new season. Here at Jules B, we’re dreaming about styling these wacky wonders under a suit for an added pop of playful personality or switching it up and pairing with any formal ensemble to ensure you demand attention wherever you walk. Moran’s ‘Splendiferious’ collection is turning heads for a number of reasons, and not just because they’re self-titled splendid… If you hadn’t noticed, the design agenda at Jack Moran is just a little bit unusual: we challenge you to find wearable footwear as far-out and uniquely appealing at this.  And then there’s that Dragon Toe detail that’s got us feeling all Game of Thrones!
Laced with a sort of satorial-rascality you’ll want to show them off in the office but at the same time, be questioning their appropriateness! This is what fashion is all about, right?

What really captivates us though, is the somewhat enduring and inspirational story behind the shoe. Master shoe designer for over 45 years  (serving the likes of Harrods in London and his own flagship stores) Oliver Sweeney is actually the man making waves for the new brand. After suffering a stroke triggering a lack of speech and writing ability, Sweeney’s determination did not flounder and with much rehabilitation the Jack Moran collections are actually the product of 5 years perseverance in design, despite disability: an admirable start to the establishment of the Moran label.




We recently spotted the collection on show at the Pitti Umo event that we blogged about here in the StyleFile very recently. With over 30,000 visitors we’re sure that this new brand is about to make a big impact in the world of men’s footwear.

Hurrah for Jack Moran!