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 If you haven’t been inspired by the previous four models, maybe Apple’s fifth generation, the iPad Air, will change your mind. At the launch event this week  CEO Tim Cook presented “The Power of Lightness” and suggested nobody should be deceived by the decreasing size of one of Apple’s most successful products ever.

Three years ago, when the company launched the first iPad the industry was full of scepticism, but as ever the company proved them wrong, and now everyone is producing tablets. This week’s launch even coincided with the unveiling of Nokia’s first tablet and suggestions that Google’s android tablet could be set to take over in the market. Although inevitable as the sector grows Apple will lose some of its market share, it looks like the competitive pressure is only having a positive effect.

In signature style the new iPad Air is 20% thinner and 0.4lbs lighter. It now weighs only 1lb and is officially the lightest tablet in the world.

Continuing  the brand’s style, the fifth generation offers both style and substance with a variety of impressive updates, ‘an incredible amount of power lies in this sleek enclosure. So you can do much more.  With so much less.’

Using the most innovative  technology,  the iPad is  eight times faster and offers an increased ten hour battery life.  Adding an advanced wireless technology, with a  faster connection in more locations, the fifth generation will persuade even the most sceptical of potential buyers to invest.

Although impressive, for the majority, technology is really only exciting if it translates into fun features. With this in mind Apple have finally updated the photography features to showcase a 5 mega pixel camera and HD Facetime with 2 microphones.  Going a step further, and making it a seamless start-up process, the iPad Air come with the new iOS 7 and a variety of apps already loaded.  Fusing creative film, photo and music apps with work features to create spreadsheets, presentations and documents, the iPad Air is the lightness of a mini iPad but without compromising on features and performance of a desktop computer.

Although including many features of the newest iPhone, Apple have kept some details for next time…the lack of the touch id feature for example. So there is no doubt the sixth generation will not be too far away.

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