Introducing: Vivienne Westwood for Virgin Atlantic

Last year we announced the surprise collaboration of Vivienne Westwood for Virgin Atlantic, a match that although not made in heaven would certainly aspire to be divine. Preliminary talks had revealed the eco conscious and fashion forward duo hoped to transform the way we see uniforms, long gone would be the begrudged poly blend and stuck in the 80’s suits. What would replace them? Well back then we could only imagine. Rumours also surfaced as to the sustainability factor, something that big business spend hours deliberating, how can they give back? What is their impact on the environment? How big is my carbon footprint? etc. etc. Well these big wigs figured out something special, the materials used for some 75,000 new uniforms are all made from renewable and recycled fabrics, some headlines have joked of the ‘plastic bottle uniform’ but its more than that. Incorporating recycled fibres, leather off-cuts and canvas from old road sign banners into these uniforms only highlights the duos innate rebellious and maverick mindset. Branson in a report credited Westwood:

“She was the natural choice to redesign the uniform across all areas of our business. Firstly because original design and sustainability are vital to both Virgin Atlantic and Vivienne Westwood.”

The uniforms themselves channel the iconic blazoned red signature to the Virgin brand whilst featuring Westwood flair and attention to detail. As the faces of the airline much focus has been spent on the stewards uniform, bespoke tailoring, oversized outerwear and classic Vivienne Westwood accessories feature heavily, including hourglass heels and diamond handbag handles all add to the stunning, modern day feminine silhouette created by Westwoods designs. The men can see themselves savy in sharp Saville Row inspired three piece suits cut from a unique burgundy fabric complete with wide collar shirts and double breasted overcoats. The results? Well we think they look pretty darn good, have a look for yourself below.

In order to mark the grand unveiling, this week London played host to stars from around the world as they gathered for the catwalk inspired event. Everyone from Debbie Harry to Dr. Who’s very own Matt Smith  showed their support for the collaboration. The star studded event celebrated the efforts of Westwood and her entire team for the uniform and whilst the champagne continued to flow the models took to the catwalk to show off what would grace the runway of the skies.

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