Innovative Lunch Ideas

Ever wondered how to escape the monotony of your weekday lunch? Thanks to our go-to source of reliable info,  Buzzfeed, we have discovered a multitude of suave and sophisticated edible offerings to jazz up our working days.  From quick and healthy to aesthetic masterpieces, here is our pick of the best.

Forget your standard ham sandwich, and say hello to what is possibly the most significant innovation of 2014; the Glamwich. Fusing elegant tastes with nutritious ingredients, we introduce you to this pea, goats cheese and mint experimentation.  The plus point of this interesting feat includes it’s nutritious ingredients such as rye bread, natural yoghurt and peas. On the negative side, fitting with the name of the website on which it was found; ‘Time to Cook Online’, you certainly seem to require a decent amount of time for this one. For a speedier alternative, you could always buy ready made hummus, just saying.

Next up is the Pressed Italian Sandwich. Don’t be put off by this technological sounding title, it is simply a squashed sandwich. The sandwiches are tightly wrapped in clingfilm and refrigerated with a weight on top to give a unique texture. When your boyfriend finds two kettlebells in the fridge he may well think you are having a breakdown, but come lunch time he will most certainly be laughing on the other side of his face.

Not a sandwich fan? Don’t panic, there are other tasty options out there. This Courgette and Chorizo Slice would make an ideal evening meal. Pair it with a scrumptious salad and serve to the family, ensuring you cook enough to provide leftovers for the following day’s lunch, and voila, you have a quick and easy lunch option that is sure to make your colleagues jealous.

If none of these options have enticed you, perhaps it is because you enjoy the healthier options in life. For you sensible individuals, we have the Greek-Style Lentil Salad, a combination of lentils, feta and Mediterranean veg. This nutritious option provides you with a dose of protein and a good few of your five-a-day

 And finally, the ultimate speedy recipe for those of you who simply don’t have the patience or time for complex cooking. A bit of fruit added to a salad is an easy way to update an old recipe, and the Avocado and Grapefruit Salad does just that, combining a healthy mix of super food ingredients for a mid-day boost.