Innovation in Aviation

Step into the future with the new era of aeroplanes, as the UK based tech-innovation company Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), has launched their new and exciting concept for an all-seeing passenger plane. By replacing the planes windows with full display panels, which will be placed all the way throughout the planes interior, passengers will be able to see a full ‘bird’s eye view’ of their journey with a panoramic view of the skies.

With an approximate development time of ten years, these concept planes will be beneficial in a number of ways. Windowless aeroplanes would enable stronger yet thinner aircraft walls and therefore make the whole plane lighter, consuming less fuel per journey. This design would also reduce CO2 emissions making the process cheaper for manufacturers and airlines which will in turn have a knock on reduced flight price for passengers too!

To make the flight even more tech savvy, the company also plan for OLED touch screens to cover the reverse of each seat. This will allow passengers to see the view from around the aircraft whilst allowing their choice of touch-screen entertainment and internet access.

An experience not to be missed, this concept is sure to tackle any fear of flying head on.