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Introducing, the boundary-pushing knitwear label that seamlessly combines statement style with everyday wearability. Set to promote strong, individual feminine style as well as engage with exploratory, self-styled women that seek expert craftsmanship and premium fabrics, the collection offers stunning knitwear separates that are infused with exclusive feather, sequin and tulle embellishments to inject that essential dose of playfulness, individuality and lively character into your wardrobe. With strong interest in the brand and all the intriguing aspects of it’s rising, inspirational sources and what to expect from it in the future we spoke to to Sofia, the creative mind and founder of, to discuss and find out more about the brand, it’s influential background and the upcoming collections in an exclusive interview with Jules B.

How would you describe the customer?

She’s engaged, worldly, and curious. She takes things like craftsmanship, material, colour, shape, and detail seriously – but always with light-hearted sense of play. She knows how to have fun!

What aspects of day to day life give you ideas for the collection?

Our approach to creativity and design is to champion the idiosyncratic and the experimental, and then to nurture the ideas into wearable but statement designs. Colour, sequins, feathers and trims galore are an essential element in the design and inspiration process. Who doesn’t love a feather fringe?

What makes knitwear truly unique?

There is no uniform or prescribed look. The designs are modern and contemporary; strong and feminine, casual and statement, effortless and discerning, explorative and self-styled.

Innocenza has worked with a variety of labels – how has this helped in launching

Our collections are curated with our clients in mind. We have always moved between bold statements and timeless classics; each designer unique yet complimentary to promote a creative buying experience. We recognised a desire from our clients for statement and fun knitwear which our current designers didn’t offer specifically, so we thought, let’s give it a go.

What is your favourite piece from the AW17 collection and why?

I love the Opera in winter white. The tulle layered underskirt with the separate cashmere jumper makes day time dressing so much more interesting. It goes with everything – leather, tailoring, boyfriend jeans, worn with or without the tulle – perfect.

What can we expect from in the future?

Colour, stripes and guess what…more feathers! Our edition 3.0 SS18 collection features a punchy lemon off the shoulder design, to sit with a “I’m never taking this off it goes with everything” multi coloured stripe slouchy fluffy V neck. You will also see a knitted t-shirt with double layers of multi-colour feathers, which I personally will be wearing with denim shorts for a paired down look.

Shop our exclusive In.No collection at Jules B today and give a dose of characterful individuality to your wardrobe this season.