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Icario Winery, Tuscany – Taste the Excellence

Founded in the hills of Montepulciano in Tuscany, the ICARIO estate produce fine quality wine priding themselves on their produce, the spirit of their people and the breathtaking scenery that surround the grounds. Now a family business owned by the Rothenberger family, ICARIO combine experience and innovation to create their unique, extraordinary wine.

The firm belief in quality, hard work, dynamism and respect are the pinnacle of the company’s aesthetic and with the help of their team’s drive and spirit, the winery takes pride in its exquisite production. The essential component of most Tuscan wines are the grape varieties which make their wine production so unique, and with their current holding of around 22 hectare vineyards, the company stay true to their promise for the finest quality.

Combining modern architecture and traditional wine making, the winery is perfectly bedded in exquisite scenery and the natural spectacles of the environmentally friendly area. ICARIO avoid negative influences on plant growing achieved by minimal mechanical operation. Magnificent hand-broken quarry-stones and tasteful Italian styling add to the modern interior that features individual rooms for the refined presentation of ICARIO wine.

At the heart of the company are their hard working, dedicated employees which are the foundation of their wine and its unique flavour. The devoted ICARIO team, alongside the Rothenberger family make up a dedicated team with honesty, responsibility, innovation and reliability at the forefront of their work. A perfect mix of team spirit and well-tried traditions result in the personalised production of every bottle.

ICARIO takes part in a cultural project which sets up new local exhibitions twice a year. Mainly referring to contemporary art, the cultural program welcomes a host of exclusive events in connection with the exhibitions which are all accessible to the general public. The company believes in the artistry of wine making and with its concept becomes the perfect place for other cultural celebrations, cultural events and exhibitions.