Vancouver based photographer Ian Lanterman showcases a sequence of images uniting a series of off-key moments in his collection; Conceptual Still Life. Whilst some of the shots incline towards suggesting ‘posed imagery,’ other scenes replicate the effect of outtakes and movement. Each individual photograph imitates Lanterman’s distinct emphasis on fusing vibrant colour with symmetrical composition for an exceptionally polished finish.

Born in Ithaca, New York, Lanterman moved to Vancouver Island at a young age where he has since developed and extended upon his photography. This vast body of work consists specifically of conceptual fashion portraits and still life scenario pieces. Following several years working in Japan, the artist demonstrates a clear influence of Eastern pop-culture through the vibrant palettes and sharp images produced since. These feature against contrasting glossy pastels and a variety of conflicting textures to create a more intense impact overall.

The talented photographer has expressed that his designs ‘blend contemporary sensibility with an eye for the mundane by picking up the slight nuances in everyday life.’

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