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How to Wear: The Toolally Triangle

Choosing statement earrings has never been easier. Toolally have provided a guide perfect for choosing earrings just right for your face shape and size preference. Whether you are looking for mini, midi or maxi sized earrings, there is a pair to match every face shape and proportion. Give your beauty a statement update with one of our Toolally earrings and choose the right style for you.

“So now when people ask you how you pull of wearing statement earrings, you can show them the secret. Stay stylish!”

Toolally founder, Mags

Based on your neck length and proportion, there is an element to consider when purchasing your lustrous statement earrings. To emphasise shorter proportions aim for mini earrings, or if you wish to go all out and look for earrings that effortlessly flatter the distance between your ear and shoulder, opt for midi sized earrings. For longer necked beauties, the maxi sized earrings are just perfect to complete your stylish look. Whichever face shape and proportion you have been gifted, there is always a pair of statement earrings to make the most of your gorgeousness.

Now, let’s consider proportion and shape

Heart shaped ladies are advised to fill in the gaps. A pair of oval-shaped earrings with a wider bottom ensure to effortlessly flatter your gorgeous face shape. Try our show-stopping Toolally Fans earrings to emphasise your face shape and add subtle, yet completely unique look.

For oval face-shaped beauties there is almost every style that will ensure to flatter and emphasise. Whether you are looking for short earrings to subtly wow people surrounding you, or looking for long earrings to completely sweep them off their feet, Toolally offers it all. For short-necked beauties there are the Toolally Half Moon Drops earrings that are the perfect choice, or for our long proportioned ladies there is a stunning choice of Toolally Art Deco Drops.

Round face-shaped ladies are advised to look for angular shaped earrings to elongate the face and give it an addition of that wow factor. For shorter proportions try our show-stopping Toolally Diamond Square earrings, or to emphasise longer necklines aim for the glamorous Diamond Drops.

Square face-shaped ladies are advised to elongate and soften their gorgeous face shape with curved dangling earrings. If you are looking for earrings to emphasise your face shape and deliver a show-stopping finishing touch to your styling ensemble, try our dazzling Toolally By Moonlight earrings.

Follow this easy guide and you are guaranteed to find the perfect pair of statement earrings to effortlessly flatter and emphasise your beauty. Happy shopping!

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