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How to Pack for a Weekend Away

As we delve further into peak travelling season, packing for a short city break, a business trip or a weekend escape to a log cabin is not getting any easier and we continue to question ourselves ‘whether we really do need that extra pair of shoes?’. Therefore, to help you out efficiently, stylishly and to prevent you from taking your whole wardrobe away with you,  we have put together a short guide on how to pack for a weekend away and the essentials you will not want to leave behind this summer.
The Holdall

The perfect holdall is a holiday essential for any traveler. Whilst it needs to have enough room to fit all your belongings, the mini carry-on needs to also be super stylish to reflect your chic, urban attitude.

The Sunglasses

Perfect for those days during your break when you are going simple on the fashion front and looking for that last minute touch to a lifeless outfit, a pair of sunglasses will be guaranteed to become your best friend. Essential for protecting your eyes from the blazing sun, a pair of sunglasses with larger, well structured frames will keep those harsh rays away and will also leave you looking effortlessly cool.

The cosmetic bag

The best way to keep your belongings organised during your weekend away and to especially avoid any toothpaste or shampoo stains on your new favourite jacket, is to invest in a spacious, yet utterly stylish cosmetic bag. Picking a cosmetic bag with compartments, which will snugly fit into your holdall, is a practical yet elegant solution to keeping your everyday beauty products accessible and in place throughout your getaway.

The Jacket

Because we can’t always predict the ever-changing weather, taking a jacket on your weekend away is a must to avoid getting caught in the rain. A trusty garment in the form of a leather jacket or a lightweight jumper will be sure to keep your fashion stakes up to date and won’t cost you too much space in your holdall when it comes to packing.

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