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Designers To Know: Saphir Shoe Care Guide

Provider of exceptional shoecare, Saphir is every sartorial man and woman’s confidant. The brand was born in Paris at the turn of the 20th century and it was not long before Saphir was considered to be the preferred choice for shoecare products, due to their devote use of only the finest ingredients. Prestigious fashion houses, to this day, swear by the brand’s polishes, creams and accessories – they know only Saphir can maintain the high-quality of your luxury footwear.

Leather shoes need regular treatment to maintain their quality look and feel. Our range of Saphir products provide excellent all-round care for your luxury footwear, whether it’s a pair of smooth leather brogues or soft suede chukka boots, we offer perfect cleaning, polishing and protecting formulas. For those who need more than just to top-up their collection, we offer the superb Saphir Medaille D’or Valet Box, a selection of wax polishes, brushes and creams for quality care, all neatly kept in a beautiful wooden box.

Follow this guide for shoe care maintenance to ensure your luxury shoes are nourished properly and stand the test of time.


Dirt build-up can ruin not only the look of your leather uppers, but cause cracking too. Use a clean brush to remove the initial dust and debris, then follow with the Renovator cream, an excellent moisturiser, it conditions smooth leather and keeps it supple. Apply the cream with a cloth in circular motions, leave for a few minutes and then buff off with a soft polishing brush.


Restore the shoe’s luxurious shine with a cream polish. Infused with beeswax, the polish is easy to use and absorbs quickly into the leather. With a Pommadier brush, apply a thin layer of the cream all over the shoe, whilst the small brush is ideal to reach into the welt (joint between the sole and upper). Use between two to three coats, allowing at least ten minutes for each layer to dry. Follow on with a Pate de Luxe wax to finish – a little polish applied with a soft cloth can create an excellent high shine and give your shoes extra lustre.

New shoes are more difficult to polish, be patient, it can take up to an hour for the first polish but this will reduce as your shoes age.


It is important to protect the shoe leather between polishes to maintain excellent quality and comfort. The Saphir Super Invulner spray should be applied regularly to protect against rain and snow – simply spray all over the shoe before you head out. For smooth and matte leathers, use a neutral dubbin, it provides a great waterproof and anti-stain layer for everyday wear. Suede is more sensitive in bad weather, restore the look and quality of the fabric with a Renovator spray, in various shades it will return the colour of your shoes so you can continue to wear them again and again. Be sure to complete the care with the Invulner spray, great for napper leathers, it offers waterproofing action to keep your foot dry and warm from harsh elements.


Store your shoes correctly, with cedar wood shoe trees. As your shoes dry out from a day in the rain, or just natural perspiration, they are prone to expansion, the cedar wood helps absorb moisture whilst eliminating odors with the pine scent. The expertly crafted shoe tree adapts to fit the natural shape of the shoe as to not damage them. Avoid wearing new shoes in very wet conditions and, when possible, alternate your leather footwear daily to give time for them to fully dry out.