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How To Care For Your Cashmere

Our women’s cashmere range provides everything you need to cosy up in unpleasant weather. Whether you’ve picked one of our luxurious Cocoa Cashmere jumpers, playful Chinti & Parker separates or invested in a sweater from Charli it is important to know how to care for your cashmere the right way. With it’s delicate fibres and luxurious softness cashmere is one of the hardest fabrics to look after, but fear no more, we have gathered the top tips on how to make the most out of your cashmere this season. Follow our easy steps to ensure your favourite cashmere jumper sees you season after season.

With cashmere being one of the softest and most delicate fibres it falls into the hand-wash category only. There are two ways to properly wash your cashmere with the most popular one being the hand wash cycle on your machine. Simply adjust your machine to the hand wash programme and let it do its thing. After washing it in the machine make sure you lay your cashmere flat on the towel to ensure your favourite cashmere sweater wont’ loose its shape while drying, or alternatively button up your cashmere inside a pillow case and put on a cold wash programme if your machine doesn’t include the hand wash programme.

If you prefer to do everything yourself, wash your cashmere in a clean sink ensuring there are no other products that may be harmful and damage your favourite sweater. Simply fill your sink with cool water and add the recommended amount of fine garment detergent and briskly run your hand through to distribute the product and generate suds. After delicately submerging and spot treating any problem ares with your fingertips, rinse your cashmere and repeat where necessary followed by a 10 minute soak. Just as you would do with the machine method, dry your garment flat on a towel ensuring its smoothed out to its original shape.

Moths are a particularly common problem within storing your cashmere. Even the tiniest dirt, hair or food traces can become a high risk of attracting moths so ensure your cashmere is always clean and stored completely dry. For extra protection store your cashmere in a zip-lock bag to prevent any moths of getting in and  try lining the bags with anti-moth paper strips or anti-moth drawer liners. Alternatively, hang mothballs in your wardrobe or for a more organic option try hanging rosemary that acts as an excellent effective alternative. Another useful tip is to not hang your cashmere as it will stretch the wool out meaning it is highly possible for it to loose its original shape.

All cashmere products are prone to pilling and it does not mean poor quality or a design fault as it is a natural characteristic of cashmere’s long fibres. To ensure lesser pilling always keep a comb on hand to deal with unpleasant bobbles and pilling. By laying your cashmere flat and gently passing through it with a knitwear comb you will receive the best results and a completely pill-free finish. Alternatively, try either an electric de-piller or a sweater stone and make sure to avoid often de-pilling as this may result in developing holes.

By following these easy cashmere care guide steps you are sure to make your delicate knits last longer and make them look as good as new! Shop our women’s cashmere section to stock up for the cold season.