Hot Looks To Warm Your Winter

Hot Looks To Warm Your Winter

By Nicola Hall, PR and Digital Content Manager at Red Hot Sunglasses

No sooner than the first leaf falls, we know that winter will shortly be upon us. Whilst we may have to retire bare legs and short sleeved jackets for another year, there are still plenty of ways to stay stylish in the cold. Stay prepared this season without giving up your favourite designer brands and pieces with our Winter Style tips brought to you exclusively by Red Hot Sunglasses in collaboration with Jules B.

Statement Coat

Our top tip for the winter season is to always make buying a good quality coat your priority. Aside from the practical needs of warmth, dryness and comfort, you will likely be spending every day of the next six months in your coat; throwing it on top of every outfit to meet your functional and fashion needs.

Autumn/Winter clothing tends to hit the shops in September as soon as the faint hint of a breeze kicks in and this is the best time to invest in a coat that’s well fitting, well made and going to last you the whole winter. Opt for a classic flattering shape rather than whatever is on-trend as your coat will age much better and possibly last you until next winter if you are lucky. As far as fabrics go, paying a little more is worth it as more expensive coats will be better lined and crafted using higher quality wools or waxed waterproof synthetics. You also need to pick a coat that suits your lifestyle. If you’re an outdoorsy type, an equestrian inspired Quilted Barbour should do the trick, whilst city slickers who require something stylish and versatile might find a Mac, overcoat or duster style jacket works better at keeping the rest of your outfit shielded from the elements.

Less is always more when it comes to jackets too. Try to ditch anything with unnecessary buckles, belts or straps and go for something simple; that way you can experiment with colour, accessories, outfits and jewellery until your heart is (warm and) content!

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Accessories are your friend

The fun thing about winter is that your outfits no longer come with a side of sweat patches. You’re free to experiment with accessories in a way that summer just won’t allow; scarves, hats, gloves, bags, satchels, snoods – you name it! Your look and outfit can be updated each day through accessories alone, and that is certainly something to be cheerful about.

A felt fedora will add a vintage high fashion edge to thaw any woman’s wardrobe whilst the stylish ‘Winter Hunstman’ look (big beard, plaid shirt, sturdy boots and hiking jacket) is very ‘in’ this season for the menfolk.

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Layering – A shortcut to luxury

One way to make an outfit look more expensive is to layer and experiment with different fabrics and textures creating that coveted ‘Luxe’ ideal. Faux furs, feathers, fringing, leather, cotton, wool, shearling, lace and chiffon can all be tried in different combinations to update your outfit with a more ‘couture’ feel-; especially if you’re wearing a usually drab flat winter colour like black, grey or white. The textures and shapes will add dimension to your outfit. Why not try a cape over a cotton shift dress, a gilet over a sheer blouse with leather leggings or – for the fellas – a tweed waistcoat over a smart shirt complete with a well cut chunky knit cardigan and wool-blend overcoat. Leather gloves and matching leather boots are sure to take that dreary winter outfit into catwalk territory.

(Faux) Fur

Fur needn’t just be the go-to fancy dress uniform of a Russian Cossack; instead take inspiration from the sources by incorporating a little faux fur into your repertoire. A fur coat can be difficult – not to mention extremely impractical– to pull off… however fur lined gloves, a wool hat with fur detail or fur stole will add instant cosy glamour without looking too over the top. Take inspiration from Rihanna who updated her otherwise plain jacket with a detachable fur collar.

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Who says that because summer is over you need to ditch your shades? Whilst sunglasses might be the go-to accessory throughout the Spring/Summer season, their function as eye protection lasts all year round. UVA/UVB rays are present even though cloud cover and sunglasses are one stylish way to protect your eyes as well as polishing up your outfit – especially if you’ve booked a luxury skiing trip.  Who can say they haven’t found themselves blinded the low winter sun on a clear crisp day? Stylish sunglasses will serve you well in the city whilst a pair of premium quality snow goggles should keep those peepers safe on the slopes.

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Pattern and Colour

One major winter fashion sin is making the assumption that drab Autumnal colours or brazen Christmas reds are the only way to go. Sure, we might associate the colder months with the regular ‘safe’ hues of grey, black, white and navy but thanks to a recent upheaval we’ve been blessed with the choice of vibrant patterns, neon hues and powdery pastels that can be worn throughout the entire year. Reds, oranges, tartan checks and beiges will keep you feeling old-school toasty, whilst ‘60s inspired pinks, duck-egg blues, floral prints, and lilac will add a much needed burst of colour lifting your whole look. For a richer luxurious feel, moss greens, aubergine, jewel tones and tweeds will offset classic tailored cuts nicely though ultra-modern shapes in electric blue, neon yellow or hot pink will give a quirky contemporary look with a zesty sport edge worthy of Paris Fashion Week. As for prints; we’ve heard leopard print and monochrome check are the look du jour for AW14/15.

Weather Appropriate Footwear

Sandals are out, that’s for sure – but where does that leave your frozen tootsies? Suddenly ballet pumps and deck shoes don’t seem like such a good idea when you’re stomping through puddles but alas, stylish winter footwear has been revolutionised in recent years with plenty of choice for both men and women. Good sturdy worker-style boots with a pair of well-crafted brogues are sure to serve men with an eye for style and practicality during the winter months with a back-up pair of countryside wellies for snowy days. Ladies however, can revel in a variety of thigh-high, knee high and stylish ankle boots in, suede, soft polished and patent leather to pair with jeans, skirts and dresses. Plus, since trainers became ‘in vogue’ for 2014, dry days will allow you to experiment with ‘cool casual’ in your favourite sneakers.


Not the kind knitted by your grandma – we mean the luxurious kind worthy of Vogue’s December editorial. Think well-made Scandinavian inspired chunky knits, fine cashmere sweaters, stylish and smart 1950s style twin-sets and ‘90s cropped jumpers. We know you’re thinking that once upon a time, the woolly jumper was once the outfit of choice for the awkward uncle at a Christmas party but these days knitwear has a whole – incredibly chic – new meaning which is open to all interpretation. Turtle necks convey that artistic retro beatnik look whilst Breton stripes allow you to channel Chanel or Jean Paul Gaultier on a budget. Marc Jacobs, Henry Holland and Alexander Wang also prove that bold and brightly coloured is the way to go.

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Winter Staples AKA ‘Being Prepared’

There is much talk of ‘investing in statement pieces’ in almost every fashion spread imaginable but pin-pointing what that actually means for us every-day fashion lovers can be tricky. However, when it comes to picking winter staple items only a few key rules apply…

Keep it simple, keep it versatile, shop for quality and consider your shape. As with your winter coat, your key pieces will need to be adapted to a number of combinations so choosing colour and fabrics wisely may result in spending a little more just to get a product which lasts. Plan well and you can even carry some of these over into spring or summer.

Men should invest in a crisp white shirt, a good quality pair of jeans, a well-tailored over-coat, a well-fitting blazer and cashmere sweater if only for the purposes of layering with existing pieces to stay snug.  Ladies however will find the morning dash a whole lot easier with black high waist tailored wool-blend trousers, a smart well-fitting blouse, a sophisticated shift dress, several pairs of thick 100 denier black tights, a eye-catching cropped jacket and chunky yet clean-lined knitwear at their disposal.

A Touch of Sparkle

Christmas and New Year are on the horizon throughout the winter months and what better excuse could there be for injecting a touch of sparkle? Whilst overdosing on sequins might seem like a viable option, less is usually more. Try and go for one piece of the shiny stuff if you’re going for big and bold or  downplay it with your ‘regular’ attire. Got an embellished sparkly top which is perfect for your Christmas party? Forget it; wear it to work with a thick cardigan, smart jeans and a neutral winter jacket and boots instead. Subtle white diamantes and fine gold chains however can be layered for a subtle and sophisticated yet appropriately shiny look taking any understated pieces from drab to fab in seconds.

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