Denmark-based designer and marketing specialist, Olivia Muss, created a series of fun and light-hearted photographs giving the illusion of historical portraits taking their very own selfie; the perfect fusion of historical art and modern reinterpretation of the portrait.

The 21st century is an age of addictive self-portraiture, increasingly known as the ‘age of the selfie’. A ‘selfie’ is typically taken with a hand held digital device- most commonly a smartphone. Initially popular among young females, selfies have gained wider popularity with smart phones such as the iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s having a front-facing camera for one golden reason; selfies. By 2013, the term ‘selfie’ had become part of mainstream society and commonplace enough to be included in the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary as well as being declared by Oxford Dictionaries as their ‘2013 Word of the Year’, now, the photographic craze is practiced by thousands worldwide. Is the selfie the latest development in the long and fascinating history of self portraiture?

Olivia Muss is among many who visit historical museums; however upon her visit she took a new spin on old portraits. Muss photographed famous portraits with her arms positioned in shot with a smartphone to make the subjects of the paintings look like they were taking their very own selfie.