Hello My Name is Paul Smith

This week saw the opening of the Hello My Name is Paul Smith exhibition at London’s Design Museum. The exhibition celebrates the life and works of the one of the world’s most respected fashion brands, giving insight into the inspirations and unique creations of the iconic designer. Curated by Donna Loveday and Paul Smith himself  the exhibition will illustrate the designers prestigious career taking the viewer through a journey from his humble beginnings in a modest three by three metre shop in Nottingham, recreated in the museum, to the characterful international business it is today.

Paul Smith had never intended to become a fashion designer, his dream was to become a professional racing cyclist, but after an accident that hospitalised him for three months fashion was to become his chosen career. In 1970 Smith opened his first shop together with his wife Pauline, whom had recently graduated from the Royal College of Art. The shop was never expected to become such a global success  ‘We just wanted a shop, I never think about it as a brand. I just think of it as me. That’s why I came up with the title of the exhibition, Hello My Name Is Paul Smith.’

Hello My Name is Paul Smith is open from the 15th of November 2013 to the 9th of March 2014, purchase tickets for this must-see exhibition here.

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