Harding Meyer

The complex paintings of Harding Meyer build time and again constellations among each other, with the larger-than-life faces of pictures of smaller format and the almost overwhelmingly large faces of adults’. (Thomas. W .Kuhn)

Harding Meyer’s work consists of large scale oil canvas portraits (although, unconventionally the portraits are in landscape form), accomplishing a creative rendering of  the human face. The canvasses are formulated through a complex multi-layering of paint. The portraits exude depth; displaying a poetic and haunting atmosphere. Brazilian-born Meyer now lives and works in Berlin and Karlsruhe.

Meyer’s work focuses on models from the mass media, leaving most of the canvas titles anonymous. Meyer states: 

‘I didn’t have to look for models. I realised soon that painting an unknown person permitted me to feel free to develop my own style’. 

The collection, suitably named ‘Features’ is currently being exhibited in Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf, Germany. The collection presents a variety of  media formats including collage to distort the arrangement of  the face.

If you would like to find out more information on the artist or to see the full breathtaking collection, you can find it all at his website:

Words by: Sarah Foulkes