GTO London

We are proud to welcome to Jules B the ‘engineered luxuries’ from Ferrari specialists GTO. Established in 2010 the company’s appreciation and passion for classic cars has fuelled their collection of refined men’s accessories, with Real Ferrari Metal even being incorporated into the elegantly hand-crafted designs. The London based brand is inspired by the essential components that make up the most iconic and recognisable classic motor cars in history, something they are well knowledgeable of  after 30 years in the engineering business.

The wallets in the collection have been expertly sewn from the finest leathers and suede that mimic the luxurious interiors and exquisite heritage of classic Ferraris.  Whilst the most exclusive items within their collection are crafted from Real Ferrari Metal, extracted during restoration and melted down to recreate elements from classic Ferrari sports cars, including the world’s rarest and most valuable car the Ferrari 250 GTO, which the company proudly display five of the thirty nine made at their workshop. The cufflinks and key fobs are truly a great opportunity for motoring enthusiasts to own an authentic piece of Ferrari history. Shop this unique GTO collection online now at Jules B.