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Grey Fox style: blogger David Evans talks wardrobe essentials for the older man

David Evans runs the successful fashion blog Grey Fox, where he offers style advice to older men — specifically those over 40. We spoke to him about his experiences of blogging, the wardrobe essentials every man needs, and why he thinks older men need more representation within the fashion world.

What inspired you to start writing and blogging?

I’ve always wanted to write and thought setting up a blog would be a great way to practise. To be honest, the topic wasn’t particularly important to me to begin with. It could have easily become a blog about watches or cycling. I only chose this particular direction because I was having a bit of a style crisis at the time. I was vaguely interested in smartening up my wardrobe, but I had no idea what to wear or where to buy the clothes I was looking for. So, I started looking into it and decided to share my experiences online.

This all began back in December of 2011, so I’ll be celebrating my blog’s fifth birthday at the end of the year.

Are there any particular challenges you face as a blogger?

Yes, in the last two years I’ve struggled with the sheer volume of work and the pressure that’s come with it. Of course, it’s great to be better known, but it means I’m inundated with e-mails, for example, and I don’t always have time to answer them. I try my best, but there’s always a chance I’ll miss something.

Brands also expect a lot from bloggers, and sometimes it’s in exchange for very little or even nothing, so it’s taken a while to get used to that. You also have to find a careful balance when it comes to staying true to yourself and going down the commercial route.

Can you tell us a little bit about your readership?

My readers tend to be over 40 and, although a lot of my content is aimed at men, a fifth of the people who visit my blog are women. It’s likely they’re looking to give their partners some help in the style stakes.

I’d say those who come to my website are trying to develop their style and like classic clothing. They want to look like gentlemen and I do my best to help them with that.

Where do you think men over 40 look for style inspiration?

There really isn’t much inspiration around, which is what I’m trying to address with my blog. I also like to encourage brands to have older men in their adverts and editorials so there’s more material out there for them to look at.

How would you describe your own style?

It’s still developing, even after five years, but I’d say it’s quite classic. I’m not particularly adventurous and I don’t push many boundaries — I just want to look good. To be honest, the thing I pay the most attention to about clothes is their fit. This often results in me getting clothes tailored. It makes a huge difference.

My go-to outfit consists of a cashmere jumper, brogues, a great-fitting pair of jeans and a tailored jacket.

What are your top picks from Jules B?

There’s a number of things I’m drawn to. In terms of footwear, I love the Cheaney & Sons Jackie suede boots, as well as the Swims royal lace Loafers. The Barbour tailored-fit Oxford shirt in navy is great and I really like the blue Corneliani silk blend jacket. As for accessories, I’m a big fan of the Pampeano leather Marcado polo belt and the black leather Milano bag from Vivienne Westwood.

What five staple items complete a man’s wardrobe?

In my opinion, every man needs a good pair of shoes, a well-tailored blazer, a smart pair of chinos, a blue chambray shirt and some stylish sunglasses. They’re all fantastic pieces that will help a man to look great with very little effort. That’s what we’re all looking for, isn’t it?

Since setting up his blog, David has developed a wonderful, sophisticated sense of style that any man would be proud to have. He’s walking, talking proof that older men can still make an effort and look great in the clothes they wear, which we absolutely love.

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