How To Wear

Green for SS17

Each year Pantone release a colour of the year, whether that be the favourite for home decor, beauty, art or fashion. And this year, the chosen colour is Green. We know that green can be a scary colour to think of dressing in, not knowing which shade suits you best and worrying about if you can pull it off or not, and overall not generally being a first port of call for your colour palette while getting dressed in the morning. But worry no more! We want to help you pull off the year’s hottest colour with a number of different trends, how to wear it and items to get you softened into something new. After all, it’s summertime and if you can’t experiment with colour and shape now, then when can you? Step out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself!


The Jacket / ‘Shacket’

Give your outerwear a revamp and add in a seasonal touch with the colour Green. Opting for a khaki utility / military style, shirt jacket or a long duster coat can give life to a plain outfit and be an easy step to dipping into the trend and testing the water. You can accessorise your jacket depending on how creative you feel on the day, by simply wearing a bright contrasting colour shirt or dress underneath, tie a studded belt around the waist for an edgy touch, add a neck tie or fasten the buttons in an uneven/unordered way for an androgynous vibe. Make the colour your own and OWN the colour. Don’t let it own you. Here are some of our suggestions:

The perfect staple to wear for an all-round wardrobe winner, the trouser. Versatile to wear for work, shopping, events, occasions and evenings out. The right cut and shape can determine how you dress them, it’s totally up to you, whatever your style. With the green palette it’s easy to style them with simple basics for a colourful impact, or with clashing colours for a bold approach. Paired with a pair of backless loafers or casual trainers can give them two different approaches for a smart and casual preppy vibe, and you can use accessories such as a thin belt to highlight the waist or fishnet socks / tights underneath to layer up for an edgy twist.

The jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to a dress for either casual or formal wear. Whatever style you go for, whether it be camisole straps, tank top, t-shirt style, long sleeve or a bandeau. The green shade can take centre stage and be worn on its own or you could style it over a white shirt for a layered chic approach.

The dress can be your showstopper outfit whether you are opting for formal or casual, wearing it with tights for work or on its own at the weekend. With plenty of styles to choose from you can opt for a wrap dress, a mini style, midi or maxi length, velvet, silk or cotton. Long sleeve, short sleeve, bandeau, revealing or covered, it’s totally up to you and your personal sense of style. Style it with a pair of chunky black boots and a studded belt for a grungy/alternative look, or wear it on its own for a sultry, stripped back approach. Here’s some of our suggestions for gorgeous green gowns…

Accessories can be used to enhance or complete a look, whether that be shoes, bags, scarves, jewellery or hats. You can layer as many accessories as you life it is total preference, or just wear one statement accessory, whatever you feel comfortable with. Add a subtle hint of green to your outfit if you’re not quite ready to go bold with one of our luxurious green accessories.

WOOUF Large Pouch


The Coat

A coat can be a statement and sometimes most important piece of clothing to a gentleman’s outfit. Whether it be for casual days off-duty, or for a special occasion or even over your suit for work, it’s important. Try a green overcoat or outdoors coat for a vamp up in your wardrobe and something different as opposed to an all monochrome palette.

A smart, tailored, flattering fit suit is essential in a man’s wardrobe, so have you ever thought about incorporating colour into it and breaking away from monochrome, grey and navy suits? Try adding a hint of green into your suit, whether it’s the jacket, trousers, shirt or waistcoat. We’re not saying you have to go for an all green get’up, but a subtle touch won’t do any harm, see if you like it.

A polo shirt is one of the main essential pieces of clothing a man owns, and a green polo can make all the difference to giving a fresh spin on a wardrobe staple and breaking the mould from a classic monochrome or navy style. Try one of our selections of green polo shirts to update your wardrobe essentials.

Update your shoe collection with a pair of brand new green loafers, trainers or boots, formal or casual even for your holidays, whatever your style, whatever the occasion, for a modern look and a subtle hint to your outfit. Depending how bold you want to be, you can choose from a range of bottle green to lime green and let your shoes make the first impression.

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and can also play parent to enhancing and completing an outfit. Revitalise your wardrobe with some statement green accessories to make a fashionable impact and give your style a fresh twist. Here’s some of our favourite green accessories.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on how to dress the colour of the year, Green and how easily it can be incorporated into your wardrobe by either subtle hints or bold features. Be sure to take a photo and send it to us on our social media channels when you try some of these looks out yourself!